{Feature Friday} - The Turquoise Boutique

Hi Feature Friday Followers!!! Excited to feature The Turquoise Boutique this week! 

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Can I just say Enid has some pretty amazing people?! It has set my heart on fire to feature small business owners the past few months since I started Feature Fridays.  I've always had a heart for other small business owners and love highlighting the drive, talent and success in this town as well as the people behind these amazing businesses.

One of those amazing people is Josi Hager! If you have visited The Turquoise Boutique you know Josi is sweeter than pie and truly loves her customers.  At only 23 years old, Josi is following her dream and taking the term "Boss Lady" to new heights!  

Josi opened The Turquoise Boutique in November 2013 during one of Enid's First Fridays and was blown away by her success the very first weekend! I loved spending time with Josi recently and hearing all about how she started the boutique. To hear her tell the story goes something like this... "It all happened so fast! We found the space, went to Market in October and opened in November!"  She expanded on her enthusiasm about the success of the Grand Opening by saying "Everyone in downtown Enid was so accepting and I felt so much love and support as a small business owner. People believed in me!"

The Turquoise Boutique's name originates from Josi's Choctaw Indian heritage which often includes traditional turquoise jewelry and the Indian symbol of a feather.   Another small piece of family history is the quote printed on The Turquoise Boutique koozies she sells and painted on the wall in her store which reads "A little powder, a little paint, helps make you what you aint" a quote her great grandpa used to say.  This quote has always stuck with Josi and her family and means to her that no matter how much make up or perfume or sparkle you wear, the most important thing is the person you are inside, not what people see on the outside. 

Josi is not only the owner, she is also a stylist!  She helps customize her clothing for her customers and loves helping them leave her store feeling confident in themselves and their purchases.  Josi describes the boutique as "weekend casual" but she also carries items for the perfect Girls Night Out, date night, or your favorite concert. She also offers a large variety of unique jewelry that can dress up any casual outfit.

Josi's top selling items include her Angie brand apparel, Pink Panache earrings, and Flying Monkey jeans.  She receives new shipments almost daily and loves carrying classic and trendy items. Josi also recently expanded the upstairs of her store to offer more apparel and accessories. If you haven't been into The Turquoise Boutique, head over to see Josi and her darling shop dog, Gypsy. They are located at the southwest corner of Independence and Randolph Avenue in downtown Enid.

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