Q: What is a Day After session?

Simply put, a Day After session is a portrait session that takes place after the wedding day.  It isn’t literally the day after, but typically a few weeks after you get back from your honeymoon and get settled into married life.  You may choose a Day After session if you won’t have enough time during your wedding day to have more intimate portraits done. Many times a wedding day brings all of your friends and family together.  To be able to spend more time with your guests, some couples may choose a Day After session to remove the stress of a stringent schedule.  You may also choose a Day After session if you’ve selected a destination wedding and would like to take advantage of the local scenery.  Occasionally, a bride and groom may have had high hopes of a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception with all wedding photos taken outdoors but Mother Nature had a different plan and it rained.  Some couples may opt to schedule a Day After session when the weather is more fitting for outdoor photos.

Often times, couples prefer to wear their formal wedding attire (suit and wedding dress) but this isn’t required!  If you are interested in something a little less formal feel free to get creative! The bride may want to wear a simple ivory gown with her wedding day veil and the groom may wear a slightly more casual combination of suit slacks and nice shirt and tie.  The idea is to capture your love and the possibilities to do this are endless.