Q: What should we wear to our engagement session?

Wondering what to wear for your engagement shoot?

Tip # 1: Be Yourself.

My favorite photos are the ones where the couple looks and feels like themselves. Wearing an outfit you’re comfortable in will only accentuate your style and personality. Your happiness will show through and influence the overall mood in the photos.

Tip #2: Wear Makeup and Don’t be afraid to get fancy:

An engagement shoot is an opportunity to enhance your natural beauty and really dress it up! If you ask me, there is no such thing as being “too dressy” for your engagement photos! Bring out the cocktail dresses. Long flawy dresses are also super fun! If you plan to wear makeup for your wedding day, this is a great time to coordinate a trial with your makeup artist. If not, make sure you wear heavier make-up than your everyday look, and definitely wear lipstick!

Tip #3: Show your true colors:

Black might be slimming, but I generally advise couples NOT to wear it since it leads to every speck of dust and hair being easily caught on camera. Wearing white should be saved for your wedding day, so go with soft hues that will pop from the background.  You often don’t want to be “too matchy matchy” so think about colors that compliment each other.

Tip #4: Comfort is Key:

If you have to jump up and down in your jeans to get them to fit, you might want to opt for something you’ll feel more free to move in. Want to wear heels for your rustic photo shoot? Swap them for boots or wedges, which will help you look more natural and relaxed. If a strapless dress is in your “maybe” pile, think about whether or not you’ll feel confident or will constantly be adjusting your dress. The better you feel in your clothes, the better you’ll look in front of the camera, so don’t overthink it.

Tip #5: Dress on the same scale and accessorize:

On the day of your photo shoot, you should both look like you’re headed to the same place. Plan on dressing to the nines? Make sure your fiancé isn’t wearing his favorite Bob Marley tee with shorts and white sneakers. Wear clothes that are on the same level of dressiness or casualness. The right accessories can add the perfect “pop” to your images. Don’t be afraid to add a big statement necklace for the ladies or a bold belt and watch for the guys! Think about DETAILS!! Don’t forget to get your nails done! Reds, pinks, and neutrals are perfect colors to compliment that rock on your finger. 

Tip # 6: Dress for the surroundings:

Think of your surroundings when picking out colors for your outfit. If your photos are in a park, a green dress might camouflage you with the grass and trees. A complimentary color, like a purple, coral, or pink dress, would pop against the green if you want to stand out. For a more subdued look, try a cool color like a blue, to differentiate from your surroundings. If you’ll be in more of an urban setting — let’s say in front of an abandoned brick building — try bold hues to contrast with the gritty background.

Tip # 7: Don’t fear prints or textures:

So many couples avoid prints because they don’t want to overdo it, but I welcome a good print. To balance the print, I recommend having your partner wear a solid color to even things out a bit. Patterns and prints will show off your figure, while hiding any parts you might not want to accentuate (psh, you are flawless). Color-blocking breaks things up, and by adding textures or prints, it will only add interest, depth, and dimension to the outfit and the photo. As much as I love patterns and prints, I don’t recommend wearing logos or fabrics that will distract from your lovely faces. The photos should showcase you both as a couple, not your favorite clothing brand or sports team. 


Tip # 8: Props can be fun!!

Get creative, not cheesy! If it’s been done on Pinterest one thousand times, try something new! Something unique to you as a couple! A perfect example is a classy picnic in the woods with strawberries and champagne or a simple organic flower bouquet.  Do you both love books? Bring your favorites!  Are you coffee connoisseurs? Bring a cozy blanket and a few coffee mugs to snuggle together with!

I hope these tips and tricks helped you plan your attire and style for your upcoming photo shoot! Feel free to email me with questions or photos of outfit combinations if you need help styling!