"I am not a teacher, but an awakener." - Robert Frost

I am a dreamer and a doer. When I first started Hazel and Haze Photography, I had a vision of how I wanted my photography business to unfold and where I saw my business in five years. But...I was a little stuck on how I would get there. So, I subscribed to all the best photography email lists, I watched all the best photography webinars, and invested in all the best workshops.  Needless to say I was way way overwhelmed and still felt a little lost.  If you are just starting out photography and trying to build your business, or maybe you have started to grow your portfolio and you feel pretty confident in your abilities, but just need that extra boost of information or support from another photographer who will encourage and support you to achieve your professional photography business goals. Mentoring sessions are the investment for you!


The Doer | $699

This session is great for photographers who are wanting to dive deep into their business.  After our 4 hours together, you'll feel confident in:

  • Pursuing, achieving, and successfully running your professional photography business. 
  • You'll be served important information about  understanding your value as a photographer, pricing in a competitive market, social media, shooting and pursuing your ideal client, Lightroom/editing workflow, as well as important topics like posing, lighting, getting published and creating a cohesive brand.  
  • You'll also receive all the information in my Hazel and Haze Photography Mentoring Manual.  
  • The last part of your one-on-one session, we'll head out together to a 30-minute "Shoot Out" to capture real subjects specific to your preferred niche.  
  • As a bonus, you'll also receive a 20-minute headshot session and access to my PDF Mentoring Guides for Photographers.

The Dreamer | $399

You have the eye for photography, you've began to build your portfolio, you may be still unsure about always shooting in manual mode, you love interacting with your clients but still sometimes freeze up when it comes to posing, you typically shoot for family and friends but want to learn how to branch out and start shooting your ideal client.  This mentoring session is for you!

  • We'll go over all the information included in the Hazel and Haze Photography Mentoring Manual (bulleted list below in "Sip and Chat") 
  • This session also includes one hour customized portion on what you are most interested in (posing, lighting, gear, marketing, etc.)
  • Once you have soaked up a collection of new, helpful knowledge to take your business to the next level, we'll head out to a 30 minute "Shoot Out" - You'll get to see how I interact with my clients, how I give them direction and posing, explain best lighting situations, camera settings I use to get the best results in-camera, and  you'll have the opportunity to shoot your own images to add to your portfolio.

Sip and Chat | $149

Lets grab coffee, take some notes, have some laughs and you will leave with goals and objectives to grow your business and learn your craft. Sometimes it just takes someone to share your ideas with, get feedback on your most recent work, or even just recharge your creative side.

During your 1-hour, 1-on-1 session we'll dig into my Hazel and Haze Photography Mentoring Manual that covers topics including:

  • What's your Why?
  • What's in my bag and in my office, my work horses in my business
  • Contracts
  • Marketing yourself to reach more clients, who is your ideal client, finding your niche
  • Finding your brand and developing your branding "buzz words" that will guide a successful business.